Blood Work Instructions

The following table describes how Dr. Grasty’s patients will determine if they need to prepare for particular blood test or tests. This is only a partial list of conditions Dr. Grasty treats and only a partial list of blood tests Dr. Grasty utilizes and can vary at the time of the appointment.

If you need any further information, please call our office at 972-409-0015 or use the Contact Us form.

You can come to Dr. Grasty’s office one week prior to your visit to have blood drawn. We have blood draw service in our office.

‘Fasting’ means nothing to eat or drink except water and/or one cup of black coffee; no cream or sugar. If having blood drawn, drink plenty of water.

Condition(s) Blood Test Instructions
Diabetes Blood Sugar Six-Hours Fasting
Physicals CMP; Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Six-Hours Fasting
Kidney Function BMP; Basic Metabolic Panel Six-Hours Fasting
Anemia CBC; Complete Blood Count Non-Fasting
High Cholesterol or Triglycerides Lipid Panel Six-Hours Fasting
Hyper or Hypo Thyroid Thyroid/TSH Non-Fasting
Hepatitis Liver Function Non-Fasting
Thin Blood Coumadin/PT/INR  (may not be done on Fridays) Non-Fasting
Tuberculosis TB Test  (Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays only) Non-Fasting
Prostate Check PSA; Prostate Specific Antigen Non-Fasting

You must request a lab order before visiting a lab to have the blood drawn. Please confirm with Dr. Grasty’s staff before visiting the lab.

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